Sigma Xi Northeastern Regional Research Conference 2015

Post date: Apr 20, 2015 9:34:20 PM

Last weekend I presented my work at the Sigma Xi Northeastern Regional Research Conference at Western Connecticut State University. The conference aims to showcase undergraduate research, and it was certainly exciting to share my research with others and get to see all of the interesting research being done by other undergraduates.

My presentation provided an overview of the work being done in the lab to study protein complexes that are known to be involved in Fragile X Syndrome. Specifically, we are using idle computers from Brooklyn College's WEB PC lab as a grid (using the BOINC infrastructure) to run multiple threads of Asynchronous Replica Exchange (ASyncRE) simulations on wild type CYFIP and three mutants. The output of our computations is the structure of the CYFIP1-eIF4E protein complex, which can be used to inform the design of drug therapries for Fragile X Syndrome.

For more information, see my poster: