A Quantitative Assessment of Amyloid-like Association by Radius of Gyration in Multimeric Systems

Post date: Jun 25, 2015 4:03:52 PM by Sajeev Saluja

by Sajeev Saluja

It is difficult to do research in the field of computational biology without facing a problem that one cannot solve with the tools available. Many times, most of the work put into analysis and manipulation of theoretical data goes into creating the tools to efficiently do the task at hand. In this case, we were studying oligomeric/multimeric peptide systems, and how they aggregated into a single structure:

We needed some way of determining -- in a single structure -- whether the peptides had aggregated or not, to give us a sense of the way a specific sequence aggregates, the structure it forms, and the speed and intensity at which it does so. To our dismay, no such measurement was present in the literature for our specific needs and formats. Thus, we created the Radius of Gyration Trajectory Tool. Please see the report attached for further details.