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Berne's group reunion 2018

What: reunion of Berne people on the occasion of Bruce Berne's Friedman Lecture at Brooklyn College

Thursday, April 19th, 2018.

Where: Brooklyn College of CUNY. See directions. Contact to reserve a parking permit if coming in by car. However, the subway, if feasible, is probably your best bet, see below.

Video of Bruce's lecture: 

Friedman's Lecture Schedule: Thursday, April, 19th
  1. 10:00 AM Welcome reception with light refreshments, snacks, coffee, etc (Penthouse of the Brooklyn College Student Center, 2705 Campus Rd)
  2. 10:30 AM-- 12:30 PM Graduate student talks (Penthouse of the Brooklyn College Student Center, 2705 Campus Rd)
  3. 01:00 PM-- 2:00 PM Friedman Lecture: Bruce Berne (Columbia University) "Molecular Dynamics: a Personal Retrospective" (Tangers' Auditorium, First Floor, Library Building)
  4. 02:30 PM--- 04:30 PM Reception, ceremonies, late lunch buffet (Penthouse of the Brooklyn College Student Center, 2705 Campus Rd)

All locations within easy walking distance. Consult the campus map here. Some helpful notes:
  • For the morning session and the reception after the lecture, make sure to enter the Student Center (Building "1" on the map) from the main entrance at 2705 Campus Road, which is near the intersection of Amersfort Pl and Campus Road. It is the entrance with an access ramp. The guard at the entrance will check your ID against the list of attendees. The Penthouse is on the top floor. I believe the button in the elevator is labeled "PH".
  • The Friedman lecture will take place in the Tanger auditorium, which is inside the Library building (building "13" on the map). To get to the Library, enter the main campus using the entrance on Campus road marked on the map by a yellow star (they will probably ask you again for your ID). Walk straight under the tree canopy until you are under the bell tower on your left. Enter the Library directly underneath the bell tower. (Once again show your ID.) 
  • There are other entrances to the campus, all marked by yellow stars--however, avoid the entrance on Avenue H which is limited to BC students and staff. From there use the map to navigate to the Library.
  • Once inside the Library stay on the ground floor. Walk past the circulation desk on your left. Continue straight to the main hall past the student desks, etc. The entrance to the Tanger auditorium is straight ahead at the end of the hall. Ask one of the receptionists if you get lost. Do not take the elevators or the staircase.
  • If coming by subway, the 2 and 5 trains are probably best. Last stop to Flatbush Avenue. From there follow the directions to the campus.
  • If you are coming by car e-mail ASAP to secure a parking permit. Include make, model, color, license plate number and state.
  • Call my cell phone (E.G.): 646-552-7136 if you get stuck at any point. However be mindful that cell phone reception is notoriously spotty within the campus.

Dinner Reception: 
Confirmed. Thursday, April 19th, 2018, 7 pm--11 pm.

Washington Square Hotel
The Deco Room
103 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10011

we have the private room with a cash bar reserved from 7 pm to 11 pm. Dinner expected to start at 8-8:30 pm. Special dietary needs will be accommodated on site.

Bruce Berne's mini-symposium: Friday, April 20th
At Columbia University, 116th and Broadway, you know where it is. Miller Room 320 Havemeyer Hall from 10am to ~5pm with a break for lunch. Short talks and conversations about our current research and activities. Prepare a few slides or just bring chalk for a 10-15 mins informal presentation if you want to talk about your work. Here is a rough tentative schedule for the mini-symposium:
  1. 10 AM: meet and greet, sip coffee, finish that bagel.
  2. 10:30 AM -- 12:30 PM: brief informal talks, Bruce picks who goes next. Questions and interruptions are allowed and encouraged. 
  3. 12:30 PM -- 2:00 PM: lunch break, go see if your favorite sandwich shop is still there on Amsterdam Avenue. Catch up with your group mates.
  4. 2:00 PM -- 4:00 PM: more informal talks
  5. 4:00 PM -- ? : small group discussions, chatting, etc. goodbyes 

Emilio Gallicchio <>, Brooklyn College of CUNY
Tom Kurtzman <>, Lehman College of CUNY

Unofficial list of Berne's people: contact Emilio or Tom to add names to this list and to confirm your attendance of the events of April 19th and April 20th

 Name (parent) Affiliation E-mailWill attend Friedman Lecture on Thursday 4/19 (Brooklyn College)Will attend dinner on Thursday 4/19 eveningWill attend mini-symposium on Friday 4/20 at Columbia (+ give a talk)
 Bruce BerneColumbia U. Yes Yes Yes
 David Berne         Yes 
 Amy Bug-GravesSwartmore College   
 Anders WallqvistDOD Biotechnology Institute Yes Yes Yes
 Art Cho  Korea University   
 Balazs Hetenyi Bilkent University   
 Claudio Margulis U. Iowa   
 Dan Gezelter U. Notre Dame   
 Dave Thirumalai UT Austin Maybe Yes Yes
 David Coker Boston U.   
 Ed Harder Schrödinger Yes Yes 
 Emilio Gallicchio Brooklyn College   Yes  Yes  Yes
 Eunji Sim Yonsei University   
 Enrique Batista Los Alamos   
 Eran Rabani Berkeley U.   
 François Amar U. Maine   
 Frauke Grater Shanghai Inst.   
 Glenn Martyna IBM   
 Goran Krilov Schrödinger Yes Yes 
 Harry Stern U. Rochester Yes Yes 
 Huafeng Xu DE Shaw Research Yes Yes Yes
 Jagannath Mondal TIFR Hyderabad   
 Jianshu Cao MIT   
 Joe Morrone IBM Yes Yes Yes
 Joel Bader John Hopkins Yes (maybe only reception) Yes Yes (Yes)
 John Montgomery U.    
 John Straub Boston U. Yes Yes 
 Joseph Kushick Amherst Yes Yes 
 Lauren Wickstrom (Kurtzman) CUNY BMCC Yes Yes Maybe
 Lingle Wang Schrödinger Yes Yes Maybe
 Maria Eleftheriou IBM   
 Mark Tuckerman NYU YesYes (teaching until 7:45 at NYU) Yes
 Martin Mueser U. Saarlandes   
 Marvin Bishop Manhattan College   Yes
 Michael New NASA   
 Nelson De LeonIndiana U. NW   
 Piero Procacci  U. Florence   
 Pratyush Tiwary U. Maryland  Yes (2) Yes
 Randall Hall Lousiana State U.   
 Robert Q. Topper (De Leon, Tuckerman) Cooper Union Yes  Yes
 Ruhong Zhou  IBM   
 Sergei Egorov U. Virginia  
 Steve Rick  U. New Orleans   
 Steve Stuart Clemson U.   
 Tom Kurtzman Lehman College Yes Yes Yes
 Tom Markland Stanford U.  Yes (red-eye from west coast!)
 Tova Adlerstein-Werblowsky Touro College (?)   
 Xuhui Huang Hong Kong U.   
 Zhonghan Hu Jilin University